Who I am

Monica Casalegno I have been an Italian mother tongue freelance translator since 2002, dealing with translations, from English to Italian, of patents concerning pharmaceutical chemistry (new drugs and relative methods and use processes), industrial chemistry (new materials, such as polymers, copolymers and plastics and applications thereof), biogenetics and biotechnology. I have always been firmly convinced about the importance of the greatest specialization in any professional fields and for this reason I have preferred to confine my competences in a well-defined ambit, to give the best with reliability and precision.

The profession of a technical translator cannot be improvised. Patents are granted after an accurate research of the state of the art and a merit examination which checks the patentability requirements of the same, such as the novelty, the inventive activity and the industrial applicability. Furthermore, the purpose of the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) is to offer a unique procedure to simultaneously obtain a patent in a large number of Countries all over the world. Therefore, a correct translation of the patent (and explicative legends of formulas and drawing tables, if any) is of a fundamental importance, the patent otherwise takes the risk of not being granted with a serious damage from the economical point of view and for the image of the inventor. For these reasons, it is fundamental to use a proper and specific terminology, in order to give the exact meaning in each translation.

Software used:

Microsoft Office Word 2003
Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional
Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0
CAT tool (OmegaT))

Dictionaries used:

Medicine & Biology
Medical and biological sciences and biotechnologies encyclopedic dictionary

Scientific and technical encyclopedic dictionary

Medical encyclopedic dictionary

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