Each customer (a firm, an office, a translation agency or an office specialized in the legal protection and intellectual property protection which files the patent applications, etc) has its own particular requirements and sometimes its own standards concerning the page calculation.
For considerable works and for clients that ensure a constant and continuative number of typewritten pages, it is possible to agree on a reduction in the price.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any further and detailed information, I will be glad to give you more explanations and submit my best offer without obligation.
  1. The base unit for the rates calculation is the typewritten page. By typewritten page we normally intend a typewritten page of 1.500 characters (including spaces). The calculation is carried out on the translated text. Rates are intended after VAT and before withholding Tax. The minimum invoicing is equal to one page.
  2. The assignment is requested by a letter of assignment or equivalent which cites the terms of delivery and payment.
  3. The translator must be able to examine the text to be translated, or at least a significant part of the same. The original text must be delivered or sent in a complete and legible form.
  4. According to the directive 2000/35/CE, the amount of the payment agreed upon is paid on invoice and, in any case, no later than 30 days from the delivery.